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For all media inquiries, please contact Sarah-Jane Menefee at (254) 218-9367 or


Superintendent:  Dr. Alexis Neumann 
(254) 754-8000

Chief Operations Officer: Jared Gould
(254) 754-8000

Chief Financial Officer: Katrina Carmean
(254) 754-8000

Technology Director: Dean Elliott 
(254) 754-8000

Director of Marketing & Communications: Sarah-Jane Menefee
(254) 218-9367


If you are a teacher, community member, or parent and would like your voice to be heard about any concern at Rapoport Academy you can use the email address and a Superintendent and/or Board Member will respond as soon as possible. This email address will go to a secure mailbox and will be monitored in a secure environment.  

To Contact a Board Member:

Board President

Board Faculty Representative

Board Parent Representative




PK-1st Elementary

Address: 2000 J.J. Flewellen Waco, TX 76704

Phone: (254) 799-4191    

Fax: 254-799-4191




2nd-4th Elementary

Address: 2200 MacArthur Dr. Waco, TX 76708

Phone: (254) 313-1313




Quinn Middle School

Address: 1020 Elm Ave., Bldg. 100   Waco, TX 76704

Phone: (254) 754-8000    

Fax: (254) 754-8009





Meyer High School

Address: 1020 Elm Ave., Bldg. 500 Waco, TX 76704

Phone: (254) 754-2288    

Fax: (254) 714-1110