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2024 Elementary Teachers and Staff of the Year

Posted Date: 05/03/2024

2024 Elementary Teachers and Staff of the Year

Congratulations to our 2023-24 Elementary Teachers and Staff of the Year!


Pre-K - 1st Elementary Staff of the Year: Carolyn Benton


Ms. Benton is a Teaching Assistant at our Pre-K - 1st Grade Campus. This is her eighth year at Rapoport Academy.


What others say about Ms. Benton:

  • She is always thinking about how to improve the school for students and staff!
  • Ms. Benton shows how hard work gets things done. She comes during the summer to prep for the school year. She gets to campus early each day to help make the mornings a little easier on the teachers. Ms. Benton has taken charge of bulletin boards, beautifying our hallways and teaching something new to those who pass by. She is a team player, helping wherever she can. She thinks about the students, staff, teachers, and families and act intentionally. Ms. Benton has a gentle yet direct approach that works well with children and adults, alike. Thank you, Ms. Benton, for being a rock at Flewellen and for always looking out for all of us.
  • Ms. Benton is always going over and beyond for everyone across the campus. She sees a need and steps right in! She is truly a joy to all!
  • Ms Benton is very creative both in my class and for the school. She loves creating things with the kids and also decorating our school bulletin boards.

Pre-K - 1st Elementary Teacher of the Year: Cierra Jones 


Ms. Jones is a Kindergarten Teacher at our Pre-K - 1st Grade Campus. This is her sixth year at Rapoport Academy.


What others say about Ms. Jones:

  • Ms. Jones consistently demonstrates her hard work and good attitude towards her students and the staff.
  • I nominated Ms Jones because she always works hard in trying to find ways she can include my students in her class
  • Ms. Jones has always displayed all of the core values, but hard work has been one that has stood out.
  • She is strict and firm with her class, but also very loving.
  • Ms. Jones always puts her best effort into everything she does. She keeps trying new ideas to help struggling students succeed and looks for every opportunity to provide the extra support they need. She does all this each and every day with a smile and a helping hand towards all who are around her.
  • Ms. Jones sets high standards for students and treats them with ultimate respect. She is fair and consistent. Students strive to do their best, knowing she expects them to aim high. She is caring and makes students feel safe.


2nd- 4th Elementary Staff of the Year: Kelly King

Mrs. King is a Teaching Assistant at our 2nd - 4th Grade Elementary. This is her second year at Rapoport Academy. 

What others say about Mrs. King:

  • Mrs. King has been a crucial part of WIN time and student growth. Her intentionality to ensure students are getting the best instruction is appreciated. Students receive valuable instruction when they are with her. She does all the hard work with progress monitoring her groups and initiating changes as needed. Not only does she work hard during WIN time, she is a great help with small groups on a daily basis and is constantly filling the needs around our campus.
  • Ms. King is dedicated, works hard, and is a team player. She consistently goes above and beyond and is committed to the success of our students. She has put in extra time and effort into planning for small group intervention in the classroom and also in WIN time. She is always willing to lend a helping hand, offering support and guidance to others whenever needed.
  • Mrs. King challenges students to grow in their learning capacities and set high expectations for themselves.
  • Ms. King is an incredibly hard worker. She is EVERY RAVEN, EVERY DAY, and she always has a smile on her face.
  • Mrs. King demonstrates the core value of Hard Work. She goes above and beyond to provide the needs of both staff and students. She is committed to helping students achieve their academic goals in the classroom, as well as, equipping them with critical thinking skills for life. Mrs. King fosters a positve work culture and also demonstrates a sincere committment to our RAPS team.
  • She thinks outside the box when working hard for the students. She helps ALL teachers out whenever she can!

2nd- 4th Elementary Teacher of the Year: Rachel Cady 

Mrs. Cady is a 2nd Grade Teacher at our 2nd - 4th Grade Elementary. This is her second year at Rapoport Academy. 

What others say about Mrs. Cady:

  • She is such a hard worker and is so thoughtful. She does a great job at giving the students a safe space to learn!
  • Mrs. Cady displays all of the core values daily. However, what stands out to me the most is the Respect she gives each of her students. She takes the time to understand each of them and their unique needs and is constantly fostering a supportive and encouraging learning environment that empowers them to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.
  • I have watched Mrs. Cady is awe all year as she has managed her class and delivered the most amazing lessons. She is always going the extra mile for her students and provides them a positive, safe, and fun learning environment. She has taught me so much this year. Even on days she is having a rough time personally she still holds that positive and fun attitude for the kids. She has been a complete joy to watch all year!
  • Mrs. Cady goes above and beyond EVERY DAY to make learning FUN & ENGAGING for her students. She consistently works hard & finds creative ways to reach each and every student, connecting with them & meeting their needs first & foremost, but also teaching them the necessary content. She always has a positive attitude & a smile on her face. The kids adore her & she is an amazing co-worker as well! Just an incredible teacher & human being!!!
  • Mrs. Cady ensures her students always has the best instruction, along with having fun! In order for her students to get the best, she is constantly working hard to internalize plans and adapt them to her students' needs. She has created student tracking documents, collected data, and built background knowledge to help drive her instruction. She is all around amazing and continues to do great things!
  • Ms. Cady is dedicated, creative, and patient. She consistently goes above and beyond to inspire and engage her students in their learning. She makes learning fun and can turn mundane topics into a dance party. She understands that each student learns independently and guides them through difficulties, fostering resilience and confidence.
  • Mrs. Cady has such a peaceful, calm, and attractive classroom. She stays late every day preparing for the next day. She is often working on campus during the weekends. She is so respectful to all her students as well as everyone on campus. She has such a positive encouraging manner of speaking with students.