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#RavenFamily: The DeLeon Family

Posted Date: 05/01/2024

#RavenFamily: The DeLeon Family

Meet the DeLeon Family: Michael and Amy DeLeon, Montanah (10th), Maverick (9th), Monaco (3rd),  and Miloh (Kinder).

Why are you proud to be a Raven Family?
We are proud to be a Raven Family because the past 11 years have been full of first memories , lots of milestones , and many successes. We couldn’t ask for a better campus!

Would you recommend Rapoport Academy to others, and why?
We recommend Rapoport for the small class settings, the amazing core values, and because the teachers and staff are committed to partnering with us parents. We work together to help give our students the best opportunities to create a great school experience and set them up for future success.