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March Every Raven Staff Awards

Posted Date: 04/15/2024

March Every Raven Staff Awards

 Celebrating our Every Raven, Every Day staff awards for the month. Congratulations to Shannon Howard, Breanne Melendez, Briana Vasquez, Kameron Jorgenson, and Ami Andrade.


Special thanks to TFNB Your Bank for Life for sponsoring this award program. Nominate a Rapoport staff member or teacher here:


▪️ Shannon Howard, Chief Impact Officer

Nominated by Chaquinta Hill: “Shannon continues to show her support of the school, students and faculty by supporting the overall recognition of student groups, responding to staff reach outs, helping anywhere she can, and always providing a smiling face and positive attitude. I want to give kudos to her on the first Black History Month event - a piece of history that should always be honored! ”


▪️  Breanne Melendez, Teaching Assistant

Nominated by Jessica McDunn: “Mrs. Melendez is extremely helpful, quick to fill in when a staff member is out, and always willing to assist a colleague or a student. She has a great positive attitude and shows empathy toward everyone she works with - colleagues, students, visitors, and families. We appreciate Mrs. Melendez and look forward to continuing to work alongside her every day!”

▪️Briana Vasquez, 3rd Grade Teacher

Nominated by Yazmeen Lopez: “Briana is consistent about developing loving and positive relationships with each of her students! She makes learning fun!”


▪️Kameron Jorgenson, 5th Grade Teacher

Nominated by Denise Whitfield & Lynzie Willenborg: “Mr. Jorgenson shows up & gives his best effort each day. Hen receives feedback well and tries different techniques suggested to him. He takes accountability and requires the same from others. I appreciate him for being a team player at all times. Kameron is an essential asset to our 5th-grade team. Also, congratulations to Kameron for wrapping up his teacher certification!”


“Kameron notices each student. When a kid is having a hard day he will make time for them individually and pull them to talk and ask how they are doing and if he can help their day be better or just need a listening ear. He is also someone who is always happy to help other staff members when in need.”


▪️Ami Andrade, College & Career Counselor

Nominated by Monica Underwood: “Ami embodies creativity and hard work every day. Just look at what she does every year with career fairs, taking on that monumental task virtually single-handedly. Ami ensures that every individual high school student is seen, heard, and is on THEIR best path. She truly looks after every Raven, every day.”