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#RavenFamily: The Baack Family

Posted Date: 04/03/2024

#RavenFamily: The Baack Family

Meet the Baack Family: Aimee & Quentin Baack (Parents), Kieran Baack (11th), Kambryn Baack (8th), and Kendall Baack (Future Raven). Mrs. Baack teaches Kindergarten at Rapoport Elementary and Coaches Girls' Soccer.

Why are you proud to be a Raven Family?
We love what Rapoport stands for and the community bond within the district. 

Would you recommend Rapoport Academy to others, and why?
Absolutely! We love the small class size and how close the kids can get with their peers and instructors! 

Do you have a story or specific experience from your experience with Rapoport Academy that you want to share?
One of the MacArthur Polar Express nights comes to mind. A parent brought a guitar and started playing Christmas carols and the entire cafeteria (which was full to the brim) broke out and started singing together. It was such a fun and unifying experience!