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#RavenFamily: The Botello Family

Posted Date: 03/13/2024

#RavenFamily: The Botello Family

Meet the Botello Family: Julio & Vianey Botello (Parents), Jazleen Botello Peña (6th grade), Valentina Botello-Peña (3rd grade), Eric Botello-Peña (2nd grade), and a little future Raven!

Why are you proud to be a Raven Family?
We are proud to be Ravens because, as parents, we believe in what Rapoport represents through its core values. That is what we want for our children.

Would you recommend Rapoport Academy to others, and why?
Definitely, because it's not just a school but a community between staff, teachers, children, and parents, which separates Rapoport from any other school.

Do you have a story or specific experience from your experience with Rapoport Academy that you want to share?
We have so many great experiences! But we LOVE field days!! It is so much fun to see the kids running around having fun, as well as the parents! Especially those races on the obstacle course between kids and teachers.

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