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Middle School UIL Academics Results

Posted Date: 01/12/2024

Middle School UIL Academics Results


Congratulations to the following Middle School students on placing in UIL Academics at the district meet in December.


6th Grade:

Chess Puzzles: 2nd- Marc Filgo, 3rd- Gian Escobedo

Impromptu Speaking: 3rd- Gian Escobedo

Listening Skills: 1st- Trinity Stevenson, 4th- Aubree Branch

Mathematics: 2nd- Marc Filgo

Number Sense: 3rd- Marc Filgo, 5th- Evelyn Menefee

Oral Reading: 6th- Aubree Branch

Ready Writing: 5th- Miles Kuehne

Social Studies: 1st- Evelyn Menefee

Spelling: 6th- Aubree Branch

Science: 1st- Evelyn Menefee


7th Grade:

Chess Puzzles: 2nd- Cael Duryee, 3rd- Eli Miller

Editorial Writing: 2nd- Cianna Walker

Editorial Writing: 3rd- Mary Small* 

Impromptu Speaking: 2nd- Nathanial Miller, 4th- Eli Miller, 5th- Garrison Collins

Listening Skills: 1st- Anna Polk

Modern Oratory: 1st- Cianna Walker

Number Sense: 6th- Mabel Carney

Oral Reading: 3rd- Cael Duryee

Ready Writing: 1st- Georgia Warren

Social Studies: 1st- Anna Polk, 3rd- Donna Johnson, 6th- Laurel Kelley

Spelling: 1st- Eli Miller, 6th- Nathanial Miller

Science: 2nd - Donna Johnson, 3rd Mabel Carney


8th Grade:

Impromptu Speaking: 1st- Mariana De La Fuente, 2nd- Mikayla Petty

Mathematics: 6th- Mariana De La Fuente

Ready Writing: 1st- Mikayla Petty

Spelling: 1st- Mariana De La Fuente, 4th- Kaylee Rivera

Science: 3rd- Mariana De La Fuente


*In 7th grade but her results were scored with 8th graders.