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‘Read with a Grandfriend' Event Celebrates Reading and Family Bonds

Posted Date: 09/08/2023

‘Read with a Grandfriend' Event Celebrates Reading and Family Bonds

Rapoport Academy Elementary hosted ‘Read with a Grandfriend’ Day on Friday, September 8. This event was a wonderful opportunity for students to share a special reading time with their grandparents or special grandfriends.

During the event, students at the Pre-K – 1st-grade campus also received a free book to add to their home libraries from The Leaders Readers Network, a nonprofit organization that supports equitable education and literacy for all.

‘Read with a Grandfriend’ Day aligned with Rapoport Academy's commitment to building a sense of community and involving families in the education process. This event promised a delightful and memorable experience for all who participated.

"Bringing grandparents and 'grandfriends' into our school environment was a wonderful way to bridge generations and celebrate the importance of family connections," said Jennifer Whitlark, Elementary Campus Administrator. "We were excited to create this special opportunity for our students and their loved ones to connect on a deeper level."