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New Classroom Library Surprise: Great Minds donates 384-book set

Posted Date: 01/13/2023

New Classroom Library Surprise: Great Minds donates 384-book set

Thanks to a generous donation from the company Great Minds, Mrs. Foster's 1st-grade class just received a new classroom library set of Geodes books.

The set of 384 books arrived in 6 boxes at Rapoport Elementary this week and Mrs. Foster's class helped unbox them.

"This is the best day ever!", said Brayden H. as they opened each box to reveal full-color fiction and non-fiction information-rich books. The Geode books are decodable books to support early literacy and phonics instruction for emerging readers, but also provide opportunities to build knowledge in multiple subjects. 

The more boxes the students opened, the more excited the class became. "I can't wait to read them," said Ariella C. as Mrs. Foster showed off a set of books that contained both fairytales and non-fiction books about authors and artists.

The classroom set also includes black and white bound copies of all the books for each student in Foster's class. The set, which totals more than $3,500 retail is one of the best post-holiday surprises for Mrs. Foster whose Go Fund Me Page was selected by the company to receive this surprise donation.

Foster was over the moon when she learned the books were coming.

"They are so beautifully written and align with our phonics curriculum. My students are going to love them... An entire classroom set is just the best news!"