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Welcome Back-- Bring a Mask!

Posted Date: 01/01/2022

Mask Up for School!


As you may have seen in the local and national news, Covid continues to impact our community. In November, our board of directors moved from a district-wide masking policy to a policy that allows students, staff, and families to choose. They did place a caveat for returning to a necessary masking expectation should grade, campus, or community positivity rates rise. 

We have heard from several staff and a few families that they have tested positive in the last few days for COVID-19. The community positivity rate as of Friday, December 31, sits at 32%. This is well in excess of the 10% threshold the board of directors set to return to mask requirements. 


As such, when staff return on Monday and when students return on Tuesday, we will ask that every person wear a mask when they come back onto campus. This will remain in effect until the community positivity rate is once again below 10% and no campus or grade level is seeing a greater than 5% positivity rate.


We ask that you please not come to campus at all if you are experiencing any of the typical Covid symptoms including those similar to flu or cold.  We are also seeing people test negative for the first few days of symptoms and then testing positive.


The Board of Directors will be considering policy changes to quarantines.  Our policy is currently 10 days from the start of symptoms and/or 10 days from the positive test and an improvement of symptoms.  The CDC has adjusted their recommendations to 5 days of quarantine and an additional 5 days of strict mask-wearing (full medical face mask).  If our board elects to modify our policy, I will communicate that immediately.  We also are continuing to enforce a 10-day household quarantine for any members who live in the same house as a person who tested positive.


Please notify your campus immediately should you or your child have any symptoms and/or test positive.  There are a number of community testing sites available should you have any symptoms or wish to test in an abundance of caution.


As always, and especially now, wear a mask, wash your hands, monitor for any symptoms, and quarantine when needed.


If you have a medical need to opt-out of this requirement, please complete the following form.