Pre-K through 12th Grade
Call Gaylene Reed at
254-754-8000 or 254-855-2397


We will start school at the normal time.
Be careful on the roads!
We will make allowanecs for students who need to come late due to the weather.


Required Parent Orientation Sessions
(choose one per campus)
Elementary: 10:30am Sat July 31 or 6:00pm Mon Aug 9
Middle: 1:00pm Sat July 31 or 7:30pm Mon Aug 9
High: 2:30pm Sat July 31 or 7:00pm Tues Aug 10






Rapoport Academy Public School

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2014 Accountability Rating


All campuses Met Standard
11 Distinction Designations earned

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notes 2Rapoport Academy Music Departmentnotes


HS Band,  7th Concert Band, 6th grade Beginning Band; 7th grade Guitar Class, 5th gr general music


Welcome to the Rapoport Academy Music Department page! My name is Ken McLellan and I am the Rapoport Academy Music Director. We at RAPS are looking forward to some unique changes to the music department this year. Stay tuned for details.




Rapoport Academy Music Program

Playing a musical instrument teaches the learner about more than just music. More importantly, it teaches self-discipline, accountability, self-expression, teamwork, leadership, and problem solving. The courses will teach students Music Theory, Musicianship, Music History, Music Appreciation, Music Literature and Musical Application.

Goals in our Rapoport music classes: The students will:

1. Perform on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.

2. Read and notate music.

3. Listen to, analyze, and describe music.

4. Evaluate music and music performances.
5. Understand relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts.

6. Understand music in relation to history and culture.
7. Demonstrate by action student individual improvement gained by a pursuit of excellence, and contribute that musicianship to the music group of which a student is a member.


Rapoport Academy Music Ensembles/Classes

5th grade General Music

5th gr students at Quinn Middle School will have a music section during the school day meeting Mondays and Wednesdays.  Each class will meet every 9-weeks.  The class will cover basic music concepts as well as learning about music history, playing the recorder and note reading.


6th grade Beginning Band

The Rapoport Academy Middle School 6th grade beginning band is open to students with an interest in learing and performaning on band instruments. Because of scheduling, the class size will be limited.  Students learn the fundamentals of playing a instrument in a small ensemble setting as well as individually.  The beginning band performs at the Winter Concert in December and two concerts in the Spring.  One in March and the final concert in May.


7th gr Concert Band

The Rapoport Academy 7th gr Concert Band is an instrumental ensemble. The band is for instrumental students who have a previous background in band or new students who want to learn and perform in band.   This ensemble continues after the beginning band year and allows students to learn and enjoy more complex literature as well as excel on an individual basis.  This ensemble performs a number of time through the year:  a Winter concert in December as well as a concert in May.  Numerous other performance opportunities arise and these performances will be scheduled as time permits.  This group also performs at concert festival at MCC in May.

High School Band

The Rapoport Academy High School Band is an instrumental ensemble with students ranging from 8th to 12th grade. High school band presents more advanced strategies and techniques to learn their instruments and begins to teach the student solo work and small ensemble work. The variety of music in high school band will expand as well.

Middle School Class Guitar

This is the newest class offered at Rapoport Academy Middle School to 7th graders.  This class is designed to intoduce students to guitar; playing independently and with an enemble; and learning to read music.