Pre-K through 12th Grade
Call Gaylene Reed at
254-754-8000 or 254-855-2397


We will start school at the normal time.
Be careful on the roads!
We will make allowanecs for students who need to come late due to the weather.


Required Parent Orientation Sessions
(choose one per campus)
Elementary: 10:30am Sat July 31 or 6:00pm Mon Aug 9
Middle: 1:00pm Sat July 31 or 7:30pm Mon Aug 9
High: 2:30pm Sat July 31 or 7:00pm Tues Aug 10






Rapoport Academy Public School

Excellence Beyond the Norm!


2014 Accountability Rating


All campuses Met Standard
11 Distinction Designations earned

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What Kind of Teachers Are We Seeking?

Interested in teaching at Rapoport Academy? We are looking for teachers who are:

Passionate: Our teachers are committed to the profession of teaching and passionate about the content they teach. They bring energy and enthusiasm to the classroom every day—their students can't help but be excited about learning.

Student-Centered: Our teachers are here to serve students. They do whatever it takes to reach a diverse set of learners in their classroom. They are also willing to pitch in whenever needed, from sponsoring student clubs to serving in the lunch line.

Self-Motivated: Our teachers take initiative and are constantly trying to get better at what they do. We do not use a scripted curriculum, so teachers have the flexibility to design and deliver lessons in ways that fit their teaching style and their students' learning styles. This means that our teachers must be motivated to be creative, try new things, and learn more about the art of teaching.

Collaborative: Our teachers are members of a team. They support one another, plan together, strategize in groups, and pick each other up. Our teachers do not treat their classroom as their kingdom—they are always looking for ways to share resources and ideas to make everyone better. Our teachers plan to cross content boundaries so that concepts are reinforced between classes and learning stays relevant and engaging.

Flexible: Our teachers are committed to continuous improvement at the classroom and campus levels. We are always developing innovative approaches to meet the needs of students. Innovation means change, and our teachers adapt easily to change.

How Do I Apply?

Rapoport Academy posts all instructional and administrative positions on  If you are interested in one of the posted positiosn, please complete the required information through that website.

The following items are required for a complete
non-instructional application:

  • completed application (click here to download)
  • references


Open Positions

Please refer to to apply for any open positions.